Accommodation at the University of South Wales

Image of some students in campus halls When you are choosing where to go to university, the quality, availability and value for money of accommodation can be a key part of the decision making process.

Where you live can be just as important as what you learn. Whether you want to live on campus, or nearby, we’ll help you feel at home. The following web pages will explain more about the accommodation on offer at the University of South Wales and introduce you to the wide range of excellent accommodation available.

Finding the ideal place to live at university can be daunting, but we do all we can to make it easy and enjoyable. Our team are here for you, offering advice and support for all your accommodation needs.

Accommodation Services is responsible for allocating and managing your accommodation, including housekeeping and facilities associated with your Hall of Residence.

The University is affiliated to and compliant with the UUK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing.